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Caryl is a St James Realtor in Southport, NC  who lives in St James Plantation. She  knows all about St James Real Estate and Homes for Sale in St James Plantation and Southport. Let’s face it. Choosing the right home for your family is one of your most important decisions you'll ever make. Start your home search here with Caryl The local St James Plantation Real Estate Realtor.  

Caryl Hudson, Realtor

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We pride ourselves in helping every family find a house that perfectly fits their needs. Servicing the Southport and St James areas, we want to make our hometown your hometown. Come to St James Plantation today to find your perfect home.

Residential Land Sales in Southport & St James

If you are looking to build Caryl will show you residential land sales in Southport & St James plantation.  She can assist you to find a quality builder who will build the house of your dreams​.  Caryl keeps on top of new Real Estate Listings in Southport and St James Plantation bringing you the most up to date information.